Biscotti With a Brand New Personality

Biscotti With a Changed Personality

Bonnie Lynn Tempesta, once the American biscotti queen, is back, but not with La Tempesta, which she started in 1983 in San Francisco and then sold 15 years ago. Her new biscotti, called Boncora, are made in Sonoma, Calif., and are smaller, denser, and not as sweet as the Americanized version she made popular. Studded with whole toasted almonds, they come plain or coated with chocolate‚Äďa blend of milk and semisweet from Guittard in San Francisco. Their somewhat rustic texture, color and flavor result from a special blend of flour, with spelt in the mix.

Boncora Biscotti are $13.50 for plain and $14.50 for chocolate-dipped, with each package holding 15 to 18 cookies, from Ms. Tempesta is donating 5% of each sale to Share Our Strength and Pets Lifeline Sonoma.

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