Boncora Biscotti Review and Last Day for 30% for Mother’s Day!

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Boncora Biscotti Review

I had the opportunity to sample the chocolate dipped biscotti and let me tell you it was love at first bite! The cookie is super crispy and I got a piece of raw almond in every bite. The chocolate dipped portion is so rich and creamy – and no wonder, the chocolate is made in part with chocolate liquor and cocoa butter – a wonderful complement to that sweet crunchy cookie.

My mother is a fan of biscotti and I shared some with her. While she was pleasantly surprised about the unexpected gift, she did mention something about “gaining weight”. That’s when I told her, just look at the nutritional info. It is only 125 calories for three Boncora Biscotti! So, it’s okay to enjoy this treat for not a huge amount of calories. Coincidentally, I gave her the large container and I kept the single serving samples for myself – just so I don’t eat too many – yes, they are that good! I’m sure my parents are enjoying their biscotti as I type this. These are perfect for an afternoon treat with a cup of tea.

The biscotti that were not chocolate dipped were great too. I think it is the same recipe with the exception that they are not chocolate dipped. They are almost twice the size also. But, once I tried the chocolate dipped variety, well, those are the best!

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About Boncora Biscotti

Made from a family recipe passed down through generations, Bonnie’s crunchy biscotti di Prato were an instant hit. Bonnie rented a small commercial kitchen and began selling her biscotti door-to-door, one gourmet or specialty shop at a time.  Bonnie and her mother, Aurora, founded La Tempesta Bakery Confections a year later. The cookies became a national sensation, sold at stores from Neiman Marcus to Macy’s and named the #1 domestic biscotti by the Washington Post. One of Bonnie’s innovations—Cioccolotti—became the first commercially sold chocolate-dipped biscotti in America. For the latest information, be sure to follow Boncora Bisscotti on Facebook and Twitter.


Traditional Italian biscotti, which are sometimes also called cantuccini, are made with just a few simple ingredients and often contain whole, raw almonds. They are small, light and very crispy. This is the same style Bonnie Tempesta uses to make her Boncora Biscotti – based on her Aunt Isa’s original Florentine recipe!