Boncora Biscotti

Brimming with crisp, roasted almonds (the first ingredient!), Boncora Biscotti are smaller and crunchier than the ubiquitous American version of this traditional treat. Boncora Biscotti are available plain or dipped in chocolate and are molto delizioso dipped in espresso or vin Santo, or just enjoyed on their own.

I prepare my Boncora Biscotti entirely by hand in a small kitchen near my home in Sonoma—in the heart of the California wine country. We use only premium ingredients, including flour blended with a hearty, ancient grain called spelt, which makes for a crisp texture and rich flavor. Our chocolate-dipped biscotti feature a combination of semi-sweet chocolate and milk chocolate from San Francisco’s Guittard Chocolate Company. We hand-dip every Boncora Biscotti.

Beautifully packaged in a decorative tube, Boncora Biscotti are a delicious, sophisticated, and attractive gift for any celebration. They are also available in custom quantities for parties and holiday gatherings.

How do they taste? Like a little bit of Italy.

Order yours today!


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