Check Out These Top Submissions to the Dog Days of Summer Photo Contest!

Submitter: Virginia Roddy

Dog: Abe

Abe is a 3½-year-old German Shepherd. He came to us from a breeder; however, because of his floppy ear, he couldn’t be a show dog…lucky us…he’s a great dog and a great protector.”




Submitter: Mary Sherman

Dog: Jackson

Right after my sister died, we had to put our beloved Jack Russell, Max, down. I was so bereft, my husband quickly gave me a gift for my birthday; another Jack who was being rejected from “show” quality because his molars never grew in. (Oh, the horror!) Jackson and I fell in love at first sight and he became our beloved. By the way, the lack of molars has certainly not prevented the intake of any desired morsel. Jackson has seen me through the death of my husband and saved me after my mother died four months later. So, I consider him the ultimate rescue dog. He has rescued me.

Submitter: Donna Best

Dogs: Lulu Best & Sport Car Best

Lulu, a miniature Schnauzer, is our little princess. She’s a rescue from the Sacramento Shelter 2006. Now 12 years old.

Sport Car is a rescue from Herd It Through the Grapevine 2012. Great Story: We sent off his DNA – came back German Shepherd / Chihuahua! No way! We love him!

Submitter: RoyAnne Florence

Dogs: Amie & Ozzie

The toy poodle, Amie (the French word for “friend”), was abandoned in Sunnyvale.  When we first got her she wouldn’t wag her tail. She was suspicious and super-skiddish.  Now she has the waggiest tail in Sonoma and will happily visit strangers. The Shuh-Tzu, Ozzie, was given up by an older couple.  He was always a happy dog and loves to meet everyone.  He normally finds one of his toys to show off. His favorite thing is to escape from the yard and visit our neighbors. We’ve made a lot of new friends that way! I’m certain that he is the friendliest dog in the county.

Submitter: Jennifer Hainstock

Dogs: Lulu, Chloe & Bella

Lulu (adopted from Pet’s Lifeline), Chloe (a homeless rescue) and Bella (adopted from Sonoma County Animal Care and Control) are my sweet girls.  They are always happy to see me, and they think I hung the moon because I walk, feed, and love them.  Life is good!









Submitter: Suzanne Dumont

Dogs: Flower & Lucy

I am entering this beautiful photo for my friend, Kira (11 years old) and her beloved Maltipoo, Flower. And here’s my light red toy poodle, Lucy, watching her favorite TV show!

Submitter: Debra Turner

Dog: Calli

Calli (full name Calliope) is a Jack Russell Terrier. Calli is relentlessly optimistic and has perfected living in the moment. She makes us laugh every single day. This is a photo of her essence… Going for it with all she’s got and right out if the frame!


Submitter: Lauren Townshend

Dogs: Zoe & Zak

Amazing members of our family!










Submitter: Rob Larman

Dogs: Dixie & Rufus

Dixie wrapped around her pup and Rufus in front of Mount Whitney.

Submitter: Elizabeth Priest

Dogs: Louie & Spanky

Aren’t they cute???




Submitter: Susan Pease Gadoua

Dog: Yogi

Yogi got in to my last container of biscotti this morning and had the best breakfast of his life!



Submitter: Valerie Caccia

Dog: Isabella Rossellini

Here is a pic of my little Boston Terrier “Isabella Rossellini” in her hip hop attire. What makes her special? Just about everything. But, she is probably best known for the noise she makes when the doorbell rings. It is not a bark. More like a frightful squeal. Translated it means “Hide! Hide!”



Submitter: Mike Sheehan

Dog: Jack & Joey

Jack (actual name Blackjack, for obvious reasons) is 5.5 years old, and a lab/collie mix. Joey is 4 years old and a pure bichon, and always a happy, cheerful little guy.


Submitter: Bonnie Lau

Dog: Zoe

Zoe excited to dig in to a delicious bag of biscotti!