Triple Chocolate Biscotti

Triple Chocolate Biscotti


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Boncora’s new Triple Chocolate biscotti are so named because they contain triple the amount of chocolate as Boncora’s Classic Almond biscotti. To get all of that delicious chocolate into one cookie, we first mix up a rich chocolate dough, then add chunks of Guittard chocolate, bake the cookies twice, and, finally, hand dip each biscotti into a luxurious blend of Guittard milk and semisweet chocolate.

Light and crunchy and loaded with California almonds, Boncora Biscotti are baked and cut by hand, so the size of the cookies will vary. Each tube of biscotti contains approximately 10-12 cookies, carefully sealed in 2 cellophane bags and gently placed in a festive tube with red and yellow streamers.

Boncora tubes are made of Polyethylene terephalate (PET or PETE). Read more info on PET at:

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