The Legacy Continues: Three Generations of Women Making the World’s Best Biscotti!

Friends of Boncora,
As many of you know, after a brief battle with cancer my mother, Bonnie Tempesta, founder of Boncora Biscotti, passed away last September. Despite this devastating loss, the Boncora staff continued to lovingly bake biscotti with the same devotion as my mother. I am incredibly grateful to them for their hard work and determination through that difficult time.

My mother is and will always be my hero. But I did not follow her footsteps into the culinary world. Instead, I became a psychotherapist, opening a private practice in San Francisco. When she passed away I was faced with a difficult decision — keep the bakery open or close it’s doors. Keeping the bakery open meant scaling down my psychotherapy practice and stepping into a whole new world, one where the learning curve would be high and I would be a beginner. Unsure how to make such an important decision, I opted to spend some time at the bakery to get a feel for the work. It was an emotional endeavor but a meaningful one. In that kitchen I felt my mother’s presence all around me and my heart expanded. Rolling the dough between my fingers I felt a physical connection to my mother and my grandmother, whose tradition lives on in my heart and in these cookies. The decision was clear. Just like my mother said to my grandmother in 1983 about starting La Tempesta, I said to my husband “I’ve got to do this!” Boncora feels like home.

So, I am proud to officially announce to you that Boncora Biscotti will continue with me and my family. Marking the third generation of Tempesta women baking the most irresistible biscotti with love, commitment to excellence and, of course, the same recipe! There is no greater honor than carrying on my mother’s legacy. Dedicating myself to Boncora provides a special way for me to forever hold her in my heart. I thank you for your continued support through this transition and I look forward to filling your lives with the most delicious cookies ever made — Boncora Biscotti.

Daniela Tempesta