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The Legacy Continues: Three Generations of Women Making the World’s Best Biscotti!

Friends of Boncora, As many of you know, after a brief battle with cancer my mother, Bonnie Tempesta, founder of Boncora Biscotti, passed away last September. Despite this devastating loss, the Boncora staff continued to lovingly bake biscotti with the same devotion as my mother. I am incredibly grateful to them for their hard work and Read More»»

Carolyn Jung’s Triple Chocolate Review

The following was taken from FoodGal: Three Words: Triple Chocolate Biscotti   Delicate biscotti with chocolate — three ways. Picture a rich chocolate dough. Then, chunks of Guittard chocolate folded in. Finally, imagine the resulting cookies dunked by hand into a bath of milk and semisweet chocolate. I’d call that a triple chocolate hit. Boncora calls it its Read More»»

Triple Chocolate Review in Sonoma Index-Tribune: Bonnie Tempesta Scores Again!

-Check out the following from Sonoma Index-Tribune: Bonnie Tempesta scores again: Definitely the Queen of Biscotti in the United States, Bonnie Tempesta has come up with the ultimate: a Triple Chocolate Biscotti, handmade right here in Sonoma Valley’s Kenwood. Having sold her original biscotti company, founded with her mother, Tempesta waited out her non-competition clause Read More»»

Boncora Biscotti Review and Last Day for 30% for Mother’s Day!

-The following was taken from the MomsOwnWords blog: Boncora Biscotti Review I had the opportunity to sample the chocolate dipped biscotti and let me tell you it was love at first bite! The cookie is super crispy and I got a piece of raw almond in every bite. The chocolate dipped portion is so rich and Read More»»

Are American Biscotti Different?

Traditional Italian biscotti, which are sometimes also called cantuccini, are made with just a few simple ingredients and often contain whole, raw almonds. They are small, light and very crispy. This is the same style Bonnie Tempesta uses to make her Boncora Biscotti – based on her Aunt Isa’s original Florentine recipe. American biscotti, on the other Read More»»

Who Made the First Biscotti?

The first documented biscotti recipe is in a centuries-old manuscript – now preserved in Prato – found by the eighteenth-century scholar Amadio Baldanzi. A recipe popularized by Prato-based pastry chef Antonio Mattei in the 19th century is now accepted as the traditional recipe for biscotti. Mattei’s cookies are composed of flour, sugar, eggs, pine nuts and almonds Read More»»

What Are Biscotti?

Biscotti is the plural form of biscotto. The word originates from the Latin word biscoctus, meaning twice cooked (or baked). To make biscotti, for example, a single loaf of dough is baked in the oven. The loaf is removed from the oven, then cut into slices. The slices are then baked for a second time. Baking Read More»»

Luigi at 94

Are We Too Old Fashioned?

At Boncora Biscotti, we still do things the old fashioned way. Bonnie learned how to make biscotti when she was a teenager, and she watched her Aunt Isa make them by hand. Bonnie still makes them by hand, although she has a little help. In the Boncora kitchen, each biscotti is cut, baked and dipped by hand Read More»»

Wine Boxes Get a New Job at Boncora Biscotti

Did you know that Bonnie uses wine boxes from local Sonoma wineries to ship and deliver her biscotti? It’s a great way to give used wine boxes a second life. And Bonnie’s winemaker friends are happy too!